SURRILIUM is a Progressive Rock Band from Freiburg, Germany. The 5 members started their musical journey in 2011 and are now on tour with their second studio album.

“Sir William”, the name of the upcoming studio album and its
title track, tells the story of the knight and aspiring hero Sir William, who’s task it is to save a suppressed folk from an evil king. The album contains five tracks, every one of them being like a diamond with each side glimmering in a different mood and forming a piece of art together.

After the release of their first album “Fridolin’s Journey” in 2013, band leader Robert Pachaly kept the music coming and singer Seraina Telli, guitarist Albert Ibrahimaj and drummer Alexander Bökelund on fire.

Surrilium’s unique sound is a combination of the storytelling in the composition, the diversity and freedom in the arrangement, the energy and the earthiness in the sound and the heart and honesty in the performance.



Seraina has been singing since she was 12 years old. Despite being self-taught for the majority of her vocal education, she managed to build up an impressive range of skills, enabling her to perform a myriad of different styles and genres to a very high standard.

Seraina has always had a love for rock and metal music, but in addition to that, some of her influences include artists from a variety of styles, like: Björk, Frank Sinatra, Sarah Vaughan, Mary J. Blige, Christina Aguilera and many more. 


Albert is one of the best known guitarists and allrounders in the region of Southern Germany and Northern Switzerland. He spent his childhood in the former Yugoslav region of Kosovo (today an independent state of Kosovo), where he grew up and started his musical journey. Due to the war in his country (1999), he fled to Germany as a Kosovar-Albanian refugee where he had the opportunity to continue his musical education.

Over the years, he was able to establish his reputation as an excellent studio- and live perfomance guitarist. He is also a double prize winner of  the “Berklee College of Music” scholarship.


Robert is an extraordinary musician and multi-instrumentalist. Taking his first piano lessons at the age of 5, he was eager to explore many different kinds of musical instruments like Drums, Guitar, Saxophone, Vibraphone and a few more…

Despite spending most of his childhood and teenage years learning classical music, Robert was always highly inspired by rock and progressive rock music.

In addition to his instrumental activities, he is also a sought after Mixing- and Mastering-Engineer as well as composer and arranger.


Alex aka. “Böky” is the newest member of Surrilium. He has been playing the Drums since he was 8 years old and with few exceptions, he is self-taught. After completing a professional education in his home state Bavaria, he moved to Freiburg to continue studying.

His extensive work with many different bands ranging from Grunge to Jazz-Trios and his experience being on the road with artists like Tim McMillan make him an invaluable member to have.

Music plays the biggest role in his life and Alex drew inspiration from many different styles like Progressive Rock, Jazz, Funk, Electro and many more.

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